Toastmasters Manuals

Toastmasters Trivia: The ORIGINAL CTM MANUAL had 15 speeches in it!

Below are links to detailed descriptions of the speech
assignments in the Basic Communication and Leadership Manual
and in all of the Advanced Manuals.

Communication and Leadership Manual
(Basic C&L Manual)

Old Version of the Basic C&L Manual - Current Version of the Basic C&L Manual

Advanced Speaking Manuals

Communicating on Television   Professional Speaker
Discussion Leader   Public Relations
Entertaining Speaker   Speaking to Inform
Humorously Speaking   Special Occasion Speeches
Interpersonal Communications   Specialty Speeches
Interpretive Reading   Speeches by Management
Persuasive Speaking***   Storytelling
Professional Salesperson***   Technical Presentations
*** The Persuasive Speaking Manual has replaced the Professional Salesperson Manual.

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